DISCOVER the mammals of Worcestershire

LEARN survey skills & put them into practice

RECORD mammal activity in the county

JOIN us on training & survey events


Learn about the mammals of Worcestershire. As a member of the group you can gain new skills through our training events and surveys.


Submit online records of mammal activity. Your records enrich our understanding of Worcestershire’s mammals, their status and distribution.


We want to raise the profile of mammals in Worcestershire. We need your support in learning to understand and helping to conserve our mammal populations.

Upcoming Events


Avon Meadows Bat Walk

We will be joining the Friends of Avon Meadows and Worcestershire Bat Group to survey the bat species on this site in Pershore. Members will get an email with full details nearer the time.

Mammal Walk

An informal walk gathering mammal records. Join us and learn new skills - or brush up on some old ones - in finding tracks, trails and signs of mammals. Location and timing to be confirmed.

Owl Pellet Dissection – Workshop

Owl pellets are a fantastic resource when identifying what small mammals are in an area. Come along for a fun but informative afternoon looking at spew!

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