Previous Events

Mole meander – February 2018

An informal social meander to find mole hills… and other mammal signs! Moles are surprisingly under-recorded within the county so this event will hopefully set you off on a mole hill finding mission! If you find a mole hill on this day, you are entitled to stay for some lunch afterwards at the March Hare – it had to be a mammal-related pub of course!

Small mammal trapping – April 2018

Avon Meadows is a wonderful wetland site which was created after the floods in 2007.  The wetland not only plays an important role in helping to reduce the impact of flooding in the area, but it also is a haven for wildlife.  Come along and join us as we try to discover what small mammals are using the reserve.

Lesser Horseshoe bat count – June 2018

A small number of WMG members had the opportunity to assist Dr Johnny Birks with counting lesser horseshoe bats emerging from a large (700+) maternity roost on the Malvern Hills

Camping Weekend to Snowdonia – July 2018

The North Wales Mammal Group are embarking on an upland water vole survey project. They would like to update the records to confirm continued presence in the area we happen to be staying at (that’s where we come in!), and look at the surrounding uplands to see if they are acting as source populations for the valley populations, mirroring what the group are doing in other areas of North Wales.

Water Vole survey – September 2018

Bromsgrove has been known to have Water Voles present but these known site locations have not been surveyed for a while. It is understood that populations were very small at these sites.  The WMG will be re-surveying these areas to determine if these Water Vole populations are still hanging on or not.

Winter meeting ‘Three Boys out in the Bush – A mammal-watching trip to Botswana, Namibia and Zambia’

Come along and join us for what promises to be a great evening!  We will provide you with a summary of what we have got up to during 2018 and what we have planned for 2019 and beyond! Dr Johnny Birks will be providing us with an entertaining and fascinating journey as he shares his experiences of when he went to Africa!