Hare & Rabbit Surveys

Worcestershire’s Lagomorphs – our rabbits and hares – could be in trouble.  National assessments suggest recent declines in the abundance of rabbits, with indications that these may be linked to disease; now there are reports that a rabbit virus may have started to infect brown hares; and both species are probably affected by agricultural intensification.  The abundance data are far from perfect, so we are planning to run a volunteer-based survey and monitoring project to improve our understanding of the local picture.

We’re trying to keep the approach nice and simple both to encourage gathering of records, but additionally to establish a repeatable approach so that we can compare results from different sites and monitor any changes in future. We’ll be letting you know more about the survey and these methodologies at our Mad as a March Hare event. And we’ll be posting further details here following that so keep an eye out to find out how you can get involved in your local area.